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The Barn at Forevermore Farm

A perfect place for tying the knot with your lasting love is the Barn at Forevermore Farm. Located at Waldon Rd in Moore, South Carolina, the Barn & Stables provides one of the best and most authentic rustic theme wedding venues in the US. A rustic wedding theme is one of the most sought after conventional themes because it symbolizes agelessness, which captures the essence of love’s eternity as well as the natural spirit and beauty of love. 

The Backcountry setting

The Barn at Forevermore Farm prides itself of offering the picture-perfect back country setting for a rustic garden wedding that is surrounded by fresh verdant meadows and natural beauty that sets a divine ambiance for couples to make their vows. Making your pledge to your loved one is like taking a promise to all of God’s creation. And the beauty of your promise similarly forms part of the beauty of nature.  The venue location provides immaculate pastures that showcase astounding spectacles of gently sloping pasture land enclosed by trees. To correctly and perfectly capture these natural and nature-inspired elements, DiPietro Photography is there to ensure to seize that once in a blue moon moment and let the people and God’s creation bear witness to your promises.

The classic barn

The Classic hall barn in Barn at Forevermore Farm can serve as the rustic wedding venue backdrop for your wedding stage. Built in 1934 amidst the Great Depression, the Barn also serves as the wedding reception hall that has expansive space to accommodate up to 250 guests. While its original boards and design are maintained, the barn was also properly renovated to ensure its sturdiness for its modern purpose. It also features a dance floor area to allow guests to rave in celebration as well as an upstairs garret that can act as stage for a live band. The yellow pine trees endemic in its nearby mountains are used to construct the barn to further provide that genuine countryside feel. Every corner inside the barn promises a splendor and exquisiteness that a professional wedding photographer like DiPietro Photography can only capture and portray. 

Honeymoon Cabin

The Barn at Forevermore Farm also has the Honeymoon Cabin where you and your partner can consummate your love amidst the serenity and tranquility of the countryside after your wedding.  It is a 2 bedroom, fully furnished chalet superintending striking pasture lands that screams of love and passion. It has a fire pit that can give you warmth at night as well as the elegant ambiance for you and your loved one to enjoy each other’s company. It is also equipped with a BBQ grill where you can prepare food because after all food and love are intimately tied together. 

The Stables

The Stables at Forevermore Farm is a newly built, modern representation of a classic barn venue. It offers all the charm of a rustic wedding venue with all of the modern amenities such as a designated bride’s cabin and a groom’s room with luxury couches and pool table. Designated bar and food area. Facilities that are meant to hold a crowd. Which can be undervalued, but is so important. You want your guests enjoying your party, not waiting in line to use the restroom. Sitting in a pasture with gorgeous scenic views. It has enough space to accommodate an indoor or outdoor wedding.  The Stables at Forevermore farm is specifically designed to host your dream wedding.

Forevermore Farm wedding photographers 

To ensure that you are able to capture and document your once in a most special once in a lifetime wedding moments, Katie and Brandon DiPietro from offers their services to couples who want to wed in Barn at Forevermore Farm. Located in Greenville South Carolina, Forevermore Farms is one of the preferred local wedding venues in Greenville. With our experience, familiarity of the place as well as artistic creativity, we will ensure that we will capture your wonderful experience in the Forever Farm in a way that you and your guests will forever remember and cherish.

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Forevermore Farms wedding

Forevermore Farms wedding

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